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House construction used to include lathe and plaster to make walls. Now they use gyproc/drywall. It's superior on many levels. The same is true in the manufacturing of vinyl records. A new generation of vinyl lovers and record collectors are not going to settle for an inferior, old-tech product. Nostalgia is not enough to make up for defects and sound loss or distortion. 

The WarmToneTM press is all that Moonshot Phonographs uses. Old machines and old technology just won't pass muster. Even if that old machine pressed Beatles albums in the '70's, that same machine is worn out and cannot perform the same today.

Listening to a record shouldn't be a compromise. It should provide the finest listening experience possible. And that's what the WarmToneTM press at Moonshot Phonographs does! Sales of records from us will make you money and make you proud.

Edmonton is the perfect home for Moonshot Phonographs. It has such a vibrant music scene that there's a good chance a touring band will make one or more stops here. Edmonton is geographically well placed in that from Vancouver to Winnipeg, you're not more than one day's drive from picking up your vinyl order, and saving enormously on shipping charges. When shipping is required, Moonshot Phonographs has preferred pricing with FedEx services, as well as other surface freight carriers. Internationally, vinyl records are duty-free under NAFTA, CETA, Canada/EFTA, and other agreements.

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