Why should I choose Moonshot Phonographs?

Well, we're living YOUR dream. It's our passion to see that every good musician gets a chance, and to be heard on the finest playback medium. Unlike most other plants, we're using NEW equipment plus NEW technology to make your record. If you've listened to some new releases, you probably share our concern!

Why is Moonshot Phonographs better?

Too many ways to name here. Check out the "About Us" page.

How does the ordering process work?

You place your order and upload your files. We get it mastered and plated, then send you 5 test pressings to ensure it sounds right. With your approval, we proceed to pressing your order, packaging, and letting you know just as soon as its ready.

How long will it take get my order?

It should be ready in 8 weeks or less. We need prompt file uploads, and later prompt approval of the test pressings. Other than that, we'll do our best to keep it moving from start to finish.

What if my songs add up to more than 45 min? 

Contact us! It might mean culling a song from the album, or going to a double LP, but we'll figure it out!

What is the standard playing speed?

Most standard LP's (12") are mastered at 33rpm, which fits more music on the record. It can also be mastered at 45rpm for ultimate fidelity, but a typical 10-12 song album becomes a double LP.

What if I'm looking for an option not visible in the store?

Contact us. Maybe there's a way we can accommodate.

What is the return/refund policy?

This is a custom manufacturing industry, so there are no returns. If after listening to the test pressings you have concerns, we'll do our best to fix them. In the end you'll receive a superior product that will delight you.

How do download cards work?

By choosing download cards as an option, each record has a card included allowing the buyer to download a digital copy of your album.

Why would I need a barcode on my record?

If you would like to have your record sold at retail outlets, it requires a UPC code. It is also required for sales to be reported to music charts.