Ode to Crowdfunding

It has revolutionized the music industry, as well as other creative enterprises. Crowdfunding is now the most popular means of raising capital for the next project. It places the control in your own hands. Your ability to make music is no longer tied to the keepers of the purse strings. Musicians are already connected to their fanbases in real time through multiple social media channels, and it’s the fanbase that has always paid for any successful project. In fact, we now know that it is prepared to pay upfront. Your project is funded in advance with no interest owing. You design and work the campaign, and the crowdfunding platform funnels the money to you.

The moment of truth comes when the campaign reaches its goal, and maybe even overshoots it. It’s your license to begin what you had hoped for. Your dream is fulfilled and your career moves forward.

Then there’s that pesky little problem of the rewards. Yah, yah, I know you love your fans. You are truly grateful to them for making this happen. It’s a good feeling. But that doesn’t solve the problem of getting all those rewards delivered to those hundreds or thousands of waiting hands. Chances are, you’re eager now to set out on tour, which is a job in its own right. BUT, the backers are owed, and the challenge feels daunting.

Records make for a wonderful reward. They’re a highly prized commodity that is paid for 4 or 5 times over by the pledgers. But ordering your vinyl is a bit of a process. It’s one thing to supply the audio and graphic files. But then you must wait for the test pressings. And if all goes well, they sound awesome the first time round. Next you wait for production and finally delivery. At least 8 weeks have elapsed, and now you still need to repackage each of those records and ship them out one by one. You just paid for all that bloody freight to get your order, and now you’re paying shipping costs all over again.

What if there’s a better way. What if:

  • your fans didn’t have to wait months to get their reward?
  • you didn’t have the nuisance of having to package and ship all those records?
  • you could get on the road, knowing the rewards were simultaneously being delivered?
  • you didn’t have to pay twice for the freight?

That’s what we call ‘direct-to-fan’ service. When you place your vinyl order, you can enlist the pressing plant to deliver to your fans. You forward the fulfillment list to Moonshot Phonographs, and they take it from there. As those records are coming off the press, they get shipped straight to your backers. You just sit back in the tour van and watch your Instagram feed light up.

Does that sound like a better way to you? Let us know what you think.

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