Grand Unveiling, Part 2

It was fun. Did I mention that? And I’m comfortable speaking for everyone on this point. It was apparent, everywhere I looked throughout the afternoon.

The weather cooperated, which meant that the ATB hospitality tents were always busy. After picking up their gourmet coffee from Earth’s General Store, or a craft beer from Omen Brewing’s table, or maybe a shawarma from Dedo’s food truck, people loved to hang out around the cocktail tables and visit with their companions. It was made for mingling.

A good selection of Moonshot’s earlier pressings were on display in the listening room. Normally this room is for record quality control during production, but for the Unveiling it was made for show-and-tell. Of course we weren’t about to leave the gear unattended, so who better to talk records and hi-fi than the owner of Edmonton’s own The Gramophone. Questions about vinyl and playback equipment are Mr. Bryan Taylor’s forte

On the “fun” theme, how can you not when there’s live music?!! Lots of jiving and head-nodding could be seen around the room, whether it was minimalist alt pop, retro punk or roots rock. No jumping or moshing, but hey, it was mid-afternoon. Warehouses aren’t known to be great sound stages (understatement), but the sound clouds we hung seemed to dampen things perfectly. Even one of the performers commented, “This is the coolest place I’ve ever played!” I’ll take that.

I should really point out that it was fun. At least that’s what I’m gathering from the photographer @boxocrayons freeze-frames. I was caught beaming at every turn. Evidence, perhaps, of loving what I do, and talking to people about it who came specifically to see and hear me yak. And if I’m not mistaken, the visitors were equally enthralled.

If you missed it, I’m sorry. For everyone who came and played and served, thanks for making it a party.