Grand Unveiling, Part 1

Record Store Day 2019 had special significance for Moonshot Phonographs. Beyond being a celebration of all things vinyl and a calendar singularity for myriad special editions, it was chosen to open our doors and welcome the music world. Our first year of operation was already behind us before we felt ready to reveal ground zero. It’s one thing to begin manufacturing; it’s another thing to make the desired impact for prying eyes. When you’re offering the very best, you don’t want inconsequential blemishes to detract.

By April 2019, things were falling into place. Some new equipment had arrived. Boxes were shelved and organized. The pressing floor was recently topped with an epoxy coating, emphasizing the clean manufacturing environment. With a spring cleaning, our premises were looking their best.

Beyond that, we had proof-in-the-pudding, so to speak. A year’s worth of product can say more than we can say about ourselves. Thirty releases to our credit, many of which had copies in the Quality Control room. With a few shelves, we were able to display these on the walls, and make them available to visitors who wanted to listen. Spin one of these on a good system, and we could make anyone a believer.

There seemed no better way to celebrate the establishment of world-class record pressing in western Canada than through featuring the very musicians whose work we were im-PRESS-ing. Having interacted with so many talented musicians over the preceding months, and putting vinyl into their hands, meant there were many local artists to invite back for a live performance. Three performances were given by acts featured on some compilation albums. The Real Sickies, Martin Kerr, and Josh Sahunta entertained us and are found on This Is Pop! Vol. 1, and Riversides. To emphasize our interest in seeing independent artists get an opportunity, we had Concrete Oceans play their very first show ever. And to close out we were honoured to have Mariel Buckley and band perform for us. Mariel was one of Moonshot’s very first customers, and has been a champion for our work.

It was a little late to call it a grand opening, but these were the pieces to complement our Grand Unveiling.